Newly installed Legend Parallel Parlour

Zhong Wei Run Hou Yuan farm starts using their newest Legend 2x30 Parallel milking parlour late October 2016.  The 2000 cows farm is located in the Tengger Desert covering an area of 25 hectare. The Legend Milking parlour is equipped with take-offs, milkmeters and farm management software.  This milking parlour is a basement installation with the pulsators and milkmeters installed under the pit making it much quieter in the milking pit. Cleaning and maintenance is easier and efficient in the more ergonomic environment. The holding area is equipped with a crowd gate which reduces labor and make milking more efficient.

Since 2010, the owner of the farm has been using Legend milking system in his other two farms. Legend has installed a total of 4 sets of large scale parallel milking parlours,  for the same customer.